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cropped-dkfjdnfx0aaduu22.jpgJens Andermann teaches at New York University. He writes about modern Latin American arts, film, literature, architecture and material culture, and their intersections with extractivism and the legacies of coloniality. He is an editor of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies and the author of Tierras en trance: arte y naturaleza después del paisaje (Santiago de Chile 2018), New Argentine Cinema (London 2011, Buenos Aires 2015), The Optic of the State. Visuality and Power in Argentina and Brazil (Pittsburgh 2007, Rio de Janeiro 2014), and Mapas de poder. Una arqueología literaria del espacio argentino (Rosario 2000), as well as edited collections on environmental aesthetics in the present, memory and the museum in the Latin American postdictatorships, contemporary Latin American cinemas, and on exhibitions and museums, material and visual cultures in Latin America. He has designed and curated online exhibitions at the Iberoamerican Museum of Visual Culture on the Web, including Relics and Selves: Iconographies of the National in Argentina, Brazil and Chile. Before joining NYU, he has held appointments and visiting professorships at the Universities of Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, London, Zurich, Basel, Duke, Princeton, Columbia and Berlin. His work has appeared in numerous edited collections and journals, including Memory Studies, Cinema Journal, Artelogie, Revista Iberoamericana, Journal of Material Culture, and Theory, Culture and Society, among others.