Natura: Environmental Aesthetics After Landscape

Natura“When read with an eye towards intersections with landscape architecture theory, the diverse perspectives of authors represented in this edited volume open up the way that landscape is conceptualized in the canon. Reading critically across these disciplinary bounds provides an opportunity to reimagine our relationship with visual mediation, and for others to imagine what forms visuality could take that can convey an approximation of our entangled present. […] The art practices and archives appearing in this volume are geographically situated in Latin America, spanning an extensive temporal reach from colonial encounter to the present and touching on sites across the region. This geographic focus of the work is significant, providing plural histories and theoretical engagements that contextualize the visual and design-theory work published on landscape architecture in Latin America. Further, the theoretical interventions of the book are applicable to a wider context beyond the specific geographies presented. The suggestion here is not that the theory from each of the site-specific interventions can be abstracted and applied across histories and geographies. Instead, the chapters included in this volume provoke a series of conversations that are significant to how we address the colonial and hegemonic underlay of landscape, and ways of operating that engage us more fully in mutually responsible relations with one another. These interventions could become provocations for further conversations within landscape architecture, taken up and worked through in the specific and enmeshed contexts of our discipline.”

Zannah Mae Matson, Journal of Landscape Architecture (read full review here)

Read here: Jens Andermann & Lisa Blackmore on Natura in Colección Cisneros: Statements

With contributions from the editors, and from Emanuele Coccia, Maria Thereza Alves, Genaro Amaro Altamirano, Oliver Lubrich, Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira, Nuno Ramos, Álvaro Fernández Bravo, Javier Correa, Victoria Jolly, and Jill H. Casid.

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